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Road & Rail Shipments

Homeline Consolidated Services Ltd leverages Kenya's  well established rail network  to optimize the overland transport flow of goods.

Warehousing & Depot Operations

Our supply chain integration services allow you to react to rapid changes in the market place while minimising your investment risks and operational costs.

Local & International Freight Forwarding

Our network allows us to offer destination clearance in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan and Eastern DRC.

Special Operations,Oil,Gas and heavy Haulage

Homeline Consolidation Services Ltd has throughout the years handled a considerable number of commercial / industrial and relief projects. The challenges range from large volumes, out of gauge packages to hard access destinations –or all of this at once! Using our regional and worldwide network and partners, we can go one step further and offer specialized shipping / vessel chartering plus destination services like offloading / positioning / local clearance.

what we offer

Port Handling

Homeline Consolidation Services offers a myriad of support services for the marine industry. cruise ship sanitation, deecontermination etc


Paletising as asafety measure is a necesity in cargo handling. We offer professional services in cargo palletizing . Our workmanship guarantees quality, durability and process stability.

Door to Door Delivery

Homeline Consolidation Services Ltd excels in end-to-end supply chain management. Whether importing overseas shipments or exporting from the Asia,Europe, USA or Middle East.

Bonded Warehousing

 With an  extensive network of dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution operations, we shall  enable you to fulfill your commitments to your customers, anywhere in the world.

Cargo packaging

We have a skilled case-making division which manufactures bespoke cases, crates, pallets to suit each application.Specifically we offer skilled packaging services that includes.


We offer integrated freight forwarding   insurance solutions for our clients. theses are   as varied as our customers, who include import/export businesses, truck operators, ship repairers, private yacht owners and more. ...

Efficient customs clearance for local and international cargo shipments

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Mission & Vision Statements
Our Vision:
Homeline Consolidation Services ltd. is dedicated to provide excellent FREIGHT FORWARDING & LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS to Customers in East Africa, with the integrity of a trustworthy associate.
We are your SECURE & RELIABLE logistics partner connecting you with the global marketplace – ON TIME

Our Mission
Homeline Consolidation Services Ltd. and her subsidiary companies are poised to be the favoured top logistics providers in the FREIGHT FORWARDING, CUSTOMS BROKERAGE & TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY IN EAST & CENTRAL AFRICA. Committed to excellence and loyalty, we meet your logistics need by delivering your cargo anywhere in the world – SECURE. RELIABLE. ON TIME.

Shipment Rates, Durations, Levies, Policies

Transit times vary greatly depending on obviously the destination, the type of cargo and the way you count (cargo can physically arrive but the documentation has to be concluded to take delivery).

The best answer is to request when asking for a price. Transit times are always indicative.

We can give some general pointers though for normal commercial cargo, this assuming all documents and duty payments are smooth:

From arrival vessel Mombasa port to delivery Nairobi: 3-5 days

From arrival vessel Mombasa port to delivery Kampala: 10 – 14 days

From arrival vessel Mombasa port to delivery Juba:: 14 – 21 days

From arrival vessel Mombasa port to delivery Kigali: 12 – 18 days

How and when to settle on ashipment mode
The mode of transport is mostly determined by cost and speed. The faster the mode of delivery, usually the more expensive. Added to this is an element of security and safety. Rail movement is slightly cheaper than road movement but generally slower. Airfreight is vastly quicker than sea freight but a lot more expensive. Careful advance planning with a logistics partner like Homeline can enable you to use a cheaper means of transport while still attaining your goal of having your goods on time.

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