International Forwarding

We have teams of qualified and experienced staff at all major entry/exit points, ports, airport and borders. Our network allows us to offer destination clearance in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan and Eastern DRC.

We offer all clearing services: temporary import, exempted cargo, re-export, import under bond, export under drawback etc. Our declaration experts guide our customers on how to prepare their documentation and what to expect in terms of customs requirements.

Cargo Transloading  and Cross Docking

Homeland Consolidated Services ltd offers   cross dock  and trans load services, cargo is transferred from (ocean) containers directly into outbound trailers and consolidated with other freight to final customer with little or no storage in between. This especially benefits where a distribution centre is situated far from port of entry and/or far from regional DCs or final destination, reducing average inland transport costs significantly.

Main advantages include:

  • Eliminates the need for a central DC at port of entry
  • Postponement of final allocation of goods until the PO/container reaches port of entry
  • Reduces average inland transport costs
  • Reduces number of receiving docks at your DC 
  • More efficient scheduling of labor at DC

Our  services include

  • Container drayage from port to cross-dock facility
  • Multiple container arrivals same day for de-vanning
  • Split of PO/SKU based on your distribution allocation
  • Automatic sorting and straight in-out concept
  • Dispatch of trailers by road or rail to inland DC
  • Domestic Advance Shipment Notification


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