Ocean Freight

Homeline Consolidation Services Ltd  Ocean FCL combines our long expertise in containerised ocean freight with all the services you need to establish a comprehensive door-to-door flow through just a single point of contact. Our carrier relationships and market activity enable us to offer highly competitive rates while our systems, expertise, and seamless global networks reduce your administrative burden to a minimum.

Core Carrier Program
Long term relationships with carriers responsible for the majority of our global ocean volume mean that we can ensure the availability of space and equipment. We work with carriers whose own growth ambitions are aligned with ours. We actively manage contracts and service levels to ensure our customers receive the best possible, reliable service, at competitive rates, supported by our route management, forecasting, allocation and booking specialist teams and systems.

Visibility and control
From end to end, the status of your shipment is visible through our online tracking system , so you always know where your cargo is and when it is expected to arrive. You also have access to ‘milestones’ and these can be tailored to your requirements but would typically include:

  • Pick up / Cargo receipt 
  • Estimated and Actual Times of Arrival
  • Customs clearance for export 
  • Customs clearance for import and availability for
  • Estimated and then Actual Times of Departure release to customer

If other milestones are required, then these can be tailored to fit your (business) needs.

Pricing models

Customers with a short term focus may prefer our market-driven pricing, where we use our volumes and procurement expertise to ensure that our rates are always competitive to those of the general market. For customers with a longer term requirement, our fixed pricing or index pricing model is often more competitive overall. By choosing our index pricing model, our pricing over the agreed.


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